Friday, December 30, 2011

Mere Formalities, Love

    It goes without saying, but I'm sure we've all been taught it's only polite to introduce ourselves during a first-time encounter. I've grown so used to this engrained custom, I've even done it on sites like Facebook, where your name and the face that goes with it are already a known. I feel a bit silly, but at the same time, I think there's a personal touch that gets added with this age-old tradition. So here we go. My name is Erin, I'm seventeen years young and a senior in high school. I'm an avid bookworm, proudly considered a nerd by most, and I'm awful at picking favorites in anything, so I'm sorry for not putting out the generic color preferences and such. One more thing I want everyone to know about me straight off: I'm a Christian. I'm not sure what that means to you personally; it's become increasingly apparent to me through experience that people read the word differently every time. I'll just say it's a pitiful ambassador of the one element that changed my life and continues to do so, and you'll be seeing proof of that quite often if you read my blogs. But besides that...ta-daa! There I am.
   Now for something a bit more important and interesting: why are you here? I'm so happy you are, for starters. I'm not exactly psychic, so your motives are all yours. Let me try again: why is this blog here? That much I can answer. I mentioned before that I'm a bookworm. Well, books aren't the only things I enjoy reading. I have a fascination with humanity in general. To me, people are stories. There isn't a single pair that's exactly alike, and there are so many differences out there it's dizzying in a wonderful sort of way. I'm writing this blog because, for starters, I think too much, talk too much, and most certainly write too much. That's a lot of words gone to waste on a daily basis, so I figured I'd throw some out here and see who else can make use of them. I hope with all my heart that even one person will read this and consider what's here. If that can happen, I'll die with one more little goal in my heart satisfied.
   See, I'm on the verge of "growing up", as some would call it. Halfway through my senior year, thinking thoughts of college and's a bit scary, exciting, and wonderful all wrapped into one fantastic sandwich of life. It's also been ensuring that I see more of the world. When we get older, we begin to realize life isn't exactly the walk through Candyland we'd been entertained into believing it was as children. Epiphanies like this can really jade some people; have you ever fallen into your comfy couch after a nerve-wrackingly long day and thought you were sick of people? I'm sure I'm not the only one. Then, there's that whole genre of "This world is going to the dogs, and so are the people who live in it" that's been spreading around. Let's face it, times are tough, and people get tough with the times. Trust is running just as thin as the economy is, and stores aren't the only things closing their doors. I've seen the signs, and I know enough reclusive and exclusive people to recognize them: people are closing their hearts. Ironically, with the age of social websites at its height, people are hiding more from each other than ever. Perhaps these interactive networks are making that easier than ever. After all, when control over the kind of information you can put out there about yourself is at your fingertips, a disguise is easy to craft.
   Don't mistake me; I know people have reasons for wanting to protect themselves. There's a lot of pain in this world, and I suppose that's not something that's ever changed, but as I said I'm growing up. I've become more aware of this, and whether or not this is something new to my generation, I want to say something about it. I feel that, in their efforts to keep themselves safe, people are losing something important. We weren't created to be alone, and after being hurt, that's all a body really wants to be. Let me reiterate: there are so many hurting people out there. So, without any further ado, let me say this: this is a blog not about me, but about you. All of wonderful, curious, diverse mass of humans out there who can access and read a jumble of thoughts and dreams a little soul like me is willing to step out and create. See, I can't help but have a hope for humanity; it's something I've noticed is dwindling. Hope. Faith. The nerve to step out and say, "We can move forward." You have so much potential, and all I can see that's wrong is the lack of trust that's stifling it. So, I'm going to strive to write up a recipe of sorts, because even though each and every person is different, there are certain things we have in common: dreams, desires, secrets, fears...this list can be pretty lengthy, and I want to discover it together with you. So. thank you for reading, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you'll follow through with me on this. I just want people to get this message: no one is alone.
   Well, there you have it. My formality, a simple introduction. I hope to hear some feedback from you lovelies out there. God bless you all <3


  1. Erin, God has big plans for you and your brilliant mind.
    Nick S. from Facebook:)

  2. Ah...Delightful as usual, Dearest Mina
    Your intentions are good, and your words, fresh and inspiring
    I hope this " adventure " of discovering more about humanity goes well
    I'm sure your dreams will help many others express and find their own
    This isn't an excuse for you to NEVER shut up ;) It's a reason for inspiring souls to make more of themselves, with the power of your kind spirit ;) Think about it that way, ok? I'll talk to you soon of course, but I'm definatly gonig to follow you, and hopefully help on this journey <3

  3. Have I mentioned how much I love you? The message you have in here reminds me of the message I took from "Freak," especially when you started talking about hope. Because, really, when people start locking up themselves from being hurt, they lock up the ability to hope as well. Once hope's gone, the future almost isn't worth living for.
    Anyways. My thoughts. Keep on keepin' on, girl.