Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Recipe: There's a Method to My Madness ;)

   Oh dear. I should probably be honest about my failure at limiting words and call this "Introduction Part II"...but really, that's an incredibly lame title. It wouldn't catch your eye at all ;)
   I have a ton of ideas for this blog already, and I originally planned on posting another tonight...however, my body is reminding me that it's low on something I like to call "sleep". Consider it a mix of traffic on the way back from my aunt's house, Skyrim, and the after-effects of a rather epic sleepover. ANYWAY. Excuses are generally reserved for the inexcusable, so all I should really be doing is asking your pardon.
   Don't you love how I took up more than three paragraphs' worth of space and time without fully getting my intentions across? Well, if there's one thing a sleep-deprived mind is good for, it's getting down to the point.
   You may notice my URL. "Recipe For Humanity". I didn't just pick it out on a whim. First off, I feel the need to be honest and confess something truly shameful to you, my faithful and wonderful readers: I don't cook. Nor do I bake, really, unless there's a shortage of cookies in the house, which is unacceptable. Why focus on a recipe then? I found some wonderful wordplay that we'll get into later. But basically, the main focus of this blog happens to be the elements humanity has in common. I mentioned them in my previous post: things like dreams, worries, desires...there's a basic recipe to humanity, and I think things would go so much smoothly on so many different levels if people knew that recipe. So, cook or not, I want to do my best to put that recipe to words; after that, all I can do is sit back, cross my fingers, and pray that it gets out there. What a waltz with chance we writers have ;).
   So, let me tie up some loose ends: I'll be posting "ingredients" on here for the recipe, but of course, because this is a blog, I'll be posting other miscellaneous thoughts and curiosities, the likes of which are prone to wandering through my mismatched mind. Bear with me. If you can do that, you deserve a medal...and a cookie. I make a mean batch of cookies.
   This is the point at which my shoulder angel, which I fondly dubbed "Common Sense" is whispering, "You're getting off-topic. Cookies aren't really related, it was just an example. Go to sleep!"
   Ah! Before I actually listen, however, I want to add one more thing: my blog's name. I'm not exactly sure how many of you are familiar with the phrase "Take it with a grain of salt", because my mother taught it to me once upon a time, and while I adore my mother, she tends to stick to the phrases of olden times...we're alike that way ;). Still, for those of you who are unaware, I'm going to educate you. The phrase was intended as a warning: listen well, but don't be too trusting. Again, this can lead back to my first post. It's a hard time to be trusting anybody, and anybody who decides to trust people is inevitably going to be burned for it every once in a while. I learned that the hard way just recently myself...and for a while, I wanted to give up. Just lock myself inside, and never fully trust anyone again. That's the easy way to do things, right?
   Still, what kind of a life is that? I believe the way we view and treat others is a reflection of how we view and treat ourselves...another ideal that will be quite prevalent in this blog as it progresses, God willing. In the end, people can't even trust themselves. They might not even be aware of that fact, but it's there. Trust is a leap of faith, but nothing worth doing or having is going to be easily got. Thus, the name of this blog is my challenge to you: Take this with a grain of sugar. Trust. Trust me, if you will; I'll be honored. Trust other people. You'd be surprised at the angels in disguise you'll find out. Trust yourself; it'll give you a strength you never knew you could have. Also, trust God. This leads back to trusting me, because I can vouch for the Big Guy Upstairs. He's my Father in Heaven, and He has never fallen through on me. We're talking a relationship that's going on seven years now; give me one human example of someone who can go seven years without betraying your trust in even the slightest way. So, please, enjoy the read. Thank you for bearing with me on this failure of fitting these ideals into one post >.< God bless <3


  1. I liked the URL and blog names from the moment I saw them, but I have a true appreciation for them now that they've been explained :) I also love the overall friendly tone to your blog, you seem like the type of person who could turn someone's day around just by taking the time to talk with them. I look forward to reading more from you!